If you're looking for quality restaurants and stores in the general area of our Lodge, here are a few that stand out due to their quality food, service, and kindness.

Slate Run Tackle Shop & Wolfe's General Store 

Slate Run Tackle Shop and Wolfe's General Store is an Orvis fly fishing shop, and general store located in the small town of Slate Run. It is in the heart of the Pine Creek Valley. They have an unbelievable deli, a nice shop, wonderful staff, and gas for the road warriors. 

Hotel Manor at Slate Run

Located just across the Pine Creek from Slate Run Tackle Shop and Wolfe's General Store is Hotel Manor. It is right on the creek, and offers the perfect setting to enjoy a nice meal and beverage with spectacular views. 

Deb's Cross Fork Inn

Deb's Cross Fork Inn is only six miles down the road from Folded Hills Lodge and Private Park. Their staff is incredibly friendly and their location is right beside Kettle Creek in the small town of Cross Fork. 

Kinney's Country Store & Bar

Also right in the town of Cross Fork is Kinney's Country Store & Bar. Their staff couldn't be more friendly, and their bar is also a fantastic place to get a drink if thats on your agenda. The store is located across the street from Deb's, and is also next to Kettle Creek. It is the perfect place to grab an ice cream cone and look down at the abundance of fish swimming in the stream. 

Germania Country Store & Lodge

Located roughly thirteen miles up the road is the Germania Country Store & Lodge. Again, the owners and staff of this establishment are incredibly friendly, kind, and helpful. This is the perfect place to grab breakfast, a sandwich, cold drink, or gas. 

Brick House Deli

The Brick House Deli is located north of the roughly 20 miles away in the town of Galeton. It is an excellent place to gran a sandwich. 

Log Cabin Inn

Old Antlers Inn

Both the Log Cabin Inn and Old Antlers in are located northeast of Folded Hills about 30 miles away. They are great options for dining and having a great meal served by great staff members. If you're up for the driving, I highly recommend going to either of these. However, if driving is not on your agenda, I recommend a closer option.