Where Adventure and Privacy Meet.

Where Adventure and Privacy Meet.


Folded Hills Lodge & Private park is nestled in the remote area of northern Pennsylvania just outside of the little town Cross Fork. The main lodge Folded Hills and its smaller guest home Bear Claw Lodge are on 40 acres in the Kettle Creek Valley. Outside of Folded Hills is a fire pit and humble mountain spring which is a serene place to end the evening listening to the trickling creek and fire crack. 

Across the street is the barn, which also has a fire pit with a spectacular view of the pond and wetland system that is on the property. Each building on the property has a front porch with swings and wonderful views of the Pennsylvania wilds. 

The property has a trail system throughout, which allows for even greater views of the area. The pond and wetland system have created a perfect home for an abundance of wildlife. For anglers, the pond and wetlands are home to some very large and very hungry bass, which are always fun to catch and fight quite hard. Only a quick walk away from the pond and wetlands is Kettle Creek. Kettle Creek is a freestone creek and destination location for those who love to fish and fly-fish. The creek is home to rainbow, brown, and brook trout, and fishing is open year round. The section of Kettle Creek, which borders the property is Catch and Release Fly Fishing Only. For those who have spin fishing gear, 1 mile away in each direction will put you in an area where you can use spin fishing gear and keep your bounty if you so please. For those who aren't keen on fishing, the creek is an excellent place to swim, observe wildlife, or simply listen to the water as it moves across the rocks and along the banks. 

The area is one of the more remote locations in the North East, and with that remoteness comes darkness. On a clear evening, one will be able to observe a painting of starts across the night sky. If being surrounded by nature while having the comforts of home is something you enjoy, then Folded Hills Lodge & Private Park is the place for you.